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Happy Halloween!

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My country is a little backwards so we celebrate Halloween some days after the rest of the world by drinking and dressing like sluts and I don’t really care much for Halloween, but I use it as an excuse to make a nice picture.

Happy Halloween! (But for us, All Saint’s Day)

Team Spirit!

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So this is some sort of poster for a comic I started planning a while ago called “Team Spirit” and the basic story is about this super jaded teenage boy, he hates everything and he is always bored, he would kill himself but that’d mean he give a fuck. But all of a sudden, a mistake is made for summer break and he ends up in a super happy, super psyched football camp. It’s like antithesis comedy orgasm, really, but I kind of enjoy that.

And I currently have no name for the main character, anyone wanna help me?

(As for the lyrics in the picture they’re from Fear of a blank planet by Porcupine Tree, if anyone need them for reasons)

Or no … not quite good night yet …

I also wanted to show this. I don’t know why I did it or why I chose this exact combination of illustration and lyrics … but I did it and it’s out there.


Story of my life

I’m a world champion at cutting myself on shit. I don’t know why but I’m like: “trust me, I’m an engineer” at everything and I always wind up cutting myself everywhere. I have three packages of bandages but they never seem to be enough. I even have big ones with Hello Kitty on them for special wounds. I made this mistake again tonight so this is what I look like now.


Good night to you all.

Malcolm – The boy who desperately wanted to get pregnant

Okay, so this is a project that till now lived inside my head, but my head insists on shitting shit out on paper so here is some sort of new beginners’ guro manga. It’s about a young boy who wants to be pregnant and who will do just about everything for it so he goes to some kind of macabre, underground, unearthly creature who will inseminate just about anyone with just about anything.

Isn’t he cuuuute!?


Fap material.

Maybe this will help


I may have to apologize for this one too, so sorry for this, but I gotta make people give a shit about me again.

Sorry for my long absence …

So, now I haven’t blogged for, to the day, four months, so now I gotta make people care about me again.

Here is a pregnant boy.

pregnant boy w text

Do you remember me now?


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